Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: 10-Story Detective Magazine, January 1943

This issue of 10-STORY DETECTIVE MAGAZINE features another great Norman Saunders cover, with stories inside by some top-notch authors: Norman A. Daniels (with a second story under his pseudonym David M. Norman), Harold Q. Masur, Walt Sheldon, J. Lane Linklater, and even Walker A. Tompkins, best known for his Westerns, of course. Plus some I haven't heard of, such as Tagre Detbar, Byron Dalrymple, and Thomas Lamar.

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Anonymous said...

It's possible thar Byron Dalriymple is the following guy:
Byron William Dalrymple was born on August 7, 1910, in Fostoria, Michigan, United States.
Dalrymple began his career as a freelance saxophonist, arranger for bands and writer of film music in 1932. He then became a magazine writer in 1942 and served as a columnist for Sports Afield, Argosy, and Outdoor Life. Dalrymple’s books reflected his interests in fishing, hunting, and travel, and included Light Tackle Fishing (McGraw-Hill, 1947; his first full-length publication); Fishing, Hunting, Camping (Pocket Books, 1950, revised edition as Fundamentals of Fishing and Hunting, 1959); Sportsman’s Guide to Game Fish (World Publishing, 1968, revised edition as Complete Guide to Game Fish, Van Nostrand, 1981); Modern Book of the Black Bass (Winchester Press, 1972, revised edition, 1995); and Deer Hunting with Dalrymple (D. McKay, 1978, revised edition, Arco, 1983).

His later books are The Outdoor Life Emergency Survival Guide (Outdoor Life, 1985); North American Big-Game Animals (Outdoor Life, 1985); Bird Hunting with Dalrymple (Stackpole, 1986); Byron Dalrymple on Trout Fishing (Winchester Press, 1991); Fresh Looks at Deer Hunting (New Win, 1992); Oldtime Bass Fishing Tales (Winchester Press, 1993); and An Outdoor Life: Six Decades in a Writer’s Life (New Win, 1994), this final title being Dalrymple’s autobiography, published the year of his death.

Byron Dalrymple is best known as a writer and columnist, who concentrated primarily on sports and travel and selling over the course of his life more than 2,500 articles to Field and Stream, True, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, Holiday, and Better Homes and Gardens, among others. He also wrote and/or produced twenty-four television film scripts, and starred in a series of fourteen outdoor films for the Truck and Coach Division of General Motors Corporation.

In fiction Mags: Byron W(illiam) Dalrymple