Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Ten Detective Aces, August 1937

It's hard to go wrong with a Norman Saunders cover, but this one is particularly eye-catching, if you know what I mean and I think you do. But of course there's more to any pulp than a beautiful blonde on the cover, and in this issue of TEN DETECTIVE ACES are stories by the dependably entertaining G.T. Fleming-Roberts, Joe Archibald, John H. Knox, and Maitland Scott, better known as R.T.M. Scott, the author of the first two Spider novels. The other authors I've only vaguely heard of. I don't know if the cover alone would have prompted me to buy it if I'd been around in 1937 and had an extra dime in my pocket . . . but I would have had to think about it, at least.


Todd Mason said...

The only John Knox fiction I've read are toned-down shudder pulp stories from the last issues of Daisy Bacon's DETECTIVE STORY...did he do better work earlier?

James Reasoner said...

All I've read by him are a few Weird Menace stories, but I liked them and he seems to have been well-regarded in that field.

Peter Brandvold said...

Nice guns! I mean gun.