Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Blue Book, December 1940

The usual eye-catching cover by Herbert Morton Stoops leads off this issue of BLUE BOOK, and inside are some familiar names, too. As often happened, H. Bedford-Jones has three stories in this issue, one under his own name and one each as by Michael Gallister and Gordon Keyne. Fulton Grant and Nelson Bond, two more BLUE BOOK regulars, are on hand, too, and there are also stories by Howard Rigsby, William Bryon Mowery, Charles L. Clifford, and Tracy Richardson. BLUE BOOK was one of the classiest of the pulps, with consistently excellent stories.


Robert R, Barrett said...

BLUE BOOK has always been one of my favorite pulps. I liked its artists and its stable of authors. Probably Herbert Morton Stoops was my favorite artist, but also liked a handful of others. An artist not usually mentioned with BLUE BOOK was cowboy artist Will James, whose books were great favorites in my childhood.

Jerry House said...

The size of those Martian moons is really exaggerated.

Denny Lien said...

Well, if you're going to call your magazine BLUE BOOK, it's nice to see you're willing to go all in on a *very* blue cover.

I don't expect to see an interplanetery scene on a BLUE BOOK cover (or many stories that could prompt such inside, for that matter), but I'd think for this one the instructions might just be "do this Arab Adventure 17-C Type cover, but stick an extra moon in the sky." Nice job, in any case.