Thursday, March 12, 2015

Now Available: War on Whiskey Row - David Hardy

Backed up by a crew of merciless gun-wolves, gambler and saloon owner Blaze Jeter makes a ruthless bid to take over the Kansas trail town of Samaria. Only four people dare to oppose him: tough town lawman Tom Briscoe, his stalwart deputy, an old judge, and a soiled dove. Despite the odds against them, they'll put up a fight that Samaria will never forget! 

WAR ON WHISKEY ROW is another action-packed Western tale from David Hardy, author of BOUNTY FOR A LAWMAN. Hell's always popping in Samaria, Kansas, and this great yarn is no exception! 

(Dave Hardy is creating a violent, compelling history of a Kansas cowtown. These are fine stories with plenty action and interesting characters, and I'm proud to be publishing them. Check these out, and there'll be more tales of Samaria, Kansas, coming soon.)

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