Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Issue of The Lowestoft Chronicle Now On-Line

The latest issue of The Lowestoft Chronicle is now available. Loosely themed around travel and adventure, this is the only literary magazine I read these days, and it's always enjoyable, a fine blend of short stories, poetry, and essays. Editor Nicholas Litchfield does a fine job with it, and you can check out the new issue here. The magazine's latest print anthology SOMEWHERE, SOMETIME just came out, too, and I'll be reviewing it soon.

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Walker Martin said...

Literary magazines and little magazines have been one of my guilty pleasures for decades. I have one room that is nothing but sets of T.S.Eliot's THE CRITERION, Cyril Connolly's HORIZON, Ford Maddox Ford's ENGLISH REVIEW, etc. I've been attacked by other collectors because I actually read the things and even subscribe to them. Three of my favorites are GEORGIA REVIEW, GETTYSBURG REVIEW, and THE HUDSON REVIEW. I have most of the back issues of many such titles and I've noticed that the floors are starting to sag. I've already had bookcases fall on me.

Now I know two other collectors who also are interested in literary magazines: Todd Mason and James Reasoner. Anyone else?