Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stones - Gerald So

Bill Crider posted about this new e-book the other day, and all I had to read was "1930s" and "aviation" to know I had to check it out. I'm a sucker for that sort of stuff. The stories are good, too, short and punchy and funny. I'd like to see some longer yarns, maybe even a novel, about tough, no-more-honest-than-he-has-to-be aviator/soldier of fortune C.J. Stone. Author Gerald So mentions the TV series TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY, and if you remember and enjoyed that series (I loved it), you'll probably like STONES. Recommended.


Keith said...

Thanks for the tip, James. I missed Bill's post on this one. I remember and enjoyed TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY (although at the time I preferred BRING 'EM BACK ALIVE,which was on the air at the same time; I'm still annoyed they were both canceled.) If there's a Nook edition, I will buy it today.

Gerald So said...

Thanks for your review, James. I have written some longer Stone stories, such as "Artifacts" in David Cranmer's BEAT to a PULP. No novels yet, but someday, I hope.

And Keith, you can get the Nook edition here. Hope you enjoy.