Thursday, July 07, 2011

Drunk on the Moon - Paul D. Brazill

"When a full moon fills the night sky, P I Roman Dalton becomes a werewolf and prowls the dark streets of the city battling creatures of evil. Paul D Brazill's Drunk On The Moon is an intense and hard-boiled noir / horror series, brought to you by some of the finest dark fiction writers around.
Spinetingler Award nominee Paul D. Brazill was born in England and lives in Poland. His writing has appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies, including the 2011 Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime. His short story collection '13 Shots Of Noir' will be published in 2011. He writes regularly for Pulp Metal Magazine and Mean Streets Magazine. His influential blog is You Would Say That, Wouldn't You?"

"A crackling fun read that puts werewolves in a Sin City/hardboiled world" --Dave Zeltserman-Killer, Blood Crimes, Pariah, Outsourced and many, many, more.

(I just read this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Dalton's a fine character, and Brazill does dark, seedy cityscapes about as well as anybody in the business.  I'm looking forward to the forthcoming books in this series.)

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Paul D. Brazill said...

Thanks James. I'm glad you liked it. I've hung around a few dark seedy cityscapes in my time so it looks like it's paid off!