Monday, December 20, 2010

Shrek Forever After

We watched the first three Shrek movies, so it was inevitable we’d watch the fourth one, I suppose. And equally inevitable that I’d enjoy it. I tend to like Mike Myers’ movies, although I haven’t seen all of them. I’m especially fond of the three Austin Powers movies, so that ought to be enough to tell you what my tastes are like.

SHREK FOREVER AFTER isn’t as funny as the previous movies, although it certainly has its silly moments and sly pop-culture references. It doesn’t play like it was intended to be as funny, though. It uses the old IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE bit to show Shrek what the world would have been like if he’d never been born, and instead of the noir nightmare we get in the Jimmy Stewart/Frank Capra classic, this movie gives us more of a heroic fantasy adventure with an alternate universe, a rebellion, and lots of action and magic. You’ll be able to predict just about everything that happens, but it’s still enjoyable, or at least I found it to be.

So if you’re a Shrek fan, this one is certainly worth watching. If you’ve never seen any of the other movies, I wouldn’t start with it. But I had a good time with it, for what that’s worth.

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Richard R. said...

I watched the first one, but never got around to the rest, and was admittedly in no particular hurry to do so, having found the initial outing just so-so. Thanks for the review, though, I always like to read your opinions on film and book.