Sunday, June 27, 2010

Western Pulp Cover: West, Sept. 20, 1926

I'm trying to be more diligent about updating the cover scans on the WesternPulps website, so I thought I'd go ahead and post here the one I just put up there.  It's from the September 20, 1926 issue of WEST, which features a Bat Jennison story entitled "Odds Are Even".  This was prompted by an exchange of comments between Jerry Page, Walker Martin, and myself about Bat Jennison and the author of the series, George Bruce Marquis.  I've never read any of these stories and probably ought to.  Anyway, I like the cover.  (By the way, this image is from the Fictionmags Index, surely one of the most important and useful sites on the web.)

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Richard Prosch said...

Terrific cover, James. Makes me think of those old "You Write the Caption" features.