Friday, April 30, 2010

Newspaper Article Update

The article about Livia and me that was published in the West Texan News is now on-line. You can check it out here.


larry gebert said...

great article, im glad you posted it

Bill Crider said...

Great article, James!

Randy Johnson said...

Fine article.

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Thanks for sharing the article. It's especially timely for me, as May 1 marks 26 years since my family lost our home to a fire (though it seems like yesterday). My parents, brother, and I all made it out safely, and as you say, that's what matters most. Ever since, on May 1, we call each other and say, "Happy May Day!"


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

An inspirational tale, all right.

Tom said...

Here! here! I appreciate the last paragraph. Keep the drama on the written page and let the rest of us lead happy, routine, boring lives. Keeps the stress level down.

Thanks for sharing the write-up.

Tom Roberts