Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Robert B. Parker, R.I.P.

Plenty of people will be commenting on Parker's passing, and I'm no different. I'm one of those who sort-of, kind-of quit reading him, but only a year or so back, so I've read most of his books. I enjoyed all of those I read and think I probably laughed out loud at least once in reading each one of them. I discovered Parker's work when the first paperback edition of THE GODWULF MANUSCRIPT came out. I was working in the book department of a department store in downtown Fort Worth, and we carried it. I was already a big fan of Hammett, Chandler, Ross Macdonald, and many other private eye writers, and when I read THE GODWULF MANUSCRIPT, I knew it was the real stuff. I think we're only beginning to appreciate just what a huge influence Parker's work was on the genre.

There are some stand-alone novels of his I never got around to reading. I really need to.


beb said...

Aged 77, probably a heart attack. That's a good life, though we've become used to people living so much longer. II hadn't realized how much he revitalized the genre with "The Godwulf Manuscript" I just thought it was damned good. In later years I got a little tired super-man Hawk but he was good.

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Parker's death was unexpected news--he's been one of those writers I've thought of as always there, typing away and sending out solid books year after year. I'll miss him.



His westerns were great. Sad news. Rest in peace, sir.

Chap O'Keefe said...

Very sad. As a reader, I came to Parker's work through the "Chandler connection" and the Spenser books. Coincidentally, I used some ill-founded comment on the movie of Appaloosa and, by extension, the western genre, as the peg for an article that will be appearing in the Black Horse Extra next month.