Monday, January 18, 2010

Paul Powers Story on Beat to a Pulp

If you haven't already checked out the story "The Killing on Sutter Street" by Paul S. Powers, you should head over to the great website Beat to a Pulp right away. Powers was a prolific and popular author in the Western pulps, contributing more than 400 stories to WILD WEST WEEKLY alone, in addition to scores more to other pulps. I've read and enjoyed quite a few of them. "The Killing on Sutter Street" is a previously unpublished piece that his granddaughter Laurie discovered along with some other unpublished manuscripts, and it's as fine an example of hardboiled fiction as I've read in a while, with a nice twist at the end. Highly recommended.


Laurie said...

Thanks, James. Glad you enjoyed it!

David Cranmer said...

There's just something undeniably cool about Paul Powers still in the game.

Elaine Ash said...

Thanks for the appreciation, James.

Publishing a scan of Mr. Powers' original, typed manuscript with handwritten corrections was David Cranmer's first instinct, which I jumped on. Our brilliant web mistress, d-mix, converted the scan to a clickable pdf, and I like to think the result transports readers to another sapce and time, when pulp was king. I'm glad you approve.
Elaine Ash