Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another One: Honest Scrap

Nathan Cain over at the excellent Independent Crime blog tagged me with this one, and as usual, I'm going to be contrary enough not to tag anyone else. However, I will play along to the extent of listing ten honest things about myself:

1. I really don't like pork chops, and the rest of my family does.
2. When I was a little kid, I was afraid that a bear was going to come up from the creek behind our house and get me. This was totally my grandfather's fault for telling me that there were bears down there. (There weren't. Bobcats and possums, yes.)
3. It's hard going into a bookstore and seeing ten or twelve books on the shelves that I wrote, and my name isn't anywhere on them.
4. I'm very grateful to have the work, no matter what name is on the books.
5. I wake up yelling from a nightmare at least once a week.
6. Some days I will do almost anything to avoid writing, even for a little while.
7. I watch too much TV.
8. The only type of music I simply cannot listen to, even for a few minutes, is opera.
9. I once drove off the road, through a fence, and into a field to avoid hitting an armadillo. (Or was it a possum? I don't remember.)
10. When I was a kid, I had a dog named Egbert. And yes, I'm the one who named him that.

There you have it. Books, nightmares, possums, and a dog named Egbert. If you didn't think I was odd before, you do now. If you decide to play this game, I'd appreciate a mention of it in the comments, so we can all go over to your blog and see how odd you are.


Randy Johnson said...

I'm in.

Nathan Cain said...

Who doesn't like pork chops? Unless you confess to liking bacon, I'm reporting you to Homeland Security, and don't try the old "I'm Jewish" excuse. Everyone know Kinky Friedman is the only Jew in Texas. It's a fact in the Bible.

James Reasoner said...


I'm off to check your blog right now.


I love bacon. If it's not my favorite food, it's right up there in the top two or three. I realize it's crazy to love bacon and not like pork chops, but I'm weird that way.

Todd Mason said...

James, I hope that you do let the world know at some point all the books you've written...which, I guess, means I hope you outlive the vanity of all the folks who've hired you as a ghost.

And sorry to read of the nightmares. I imagine the fire didn't help that much.

And good for you for saving the 'dillo or 'possum.

Dave Lewis said...

Courageous admissions, James. Especially the part about Egbert.

Livia said...

It was a momma possum with babies clinging to her. We were coming home late from setting up a bookstore and the road was wet. Momma and babies walked off into the night.

I've been having the bacon pork chop argument with him for 33 years. It's not just pork chops, he also doesn't like meat with bones. The boy will not eat ribs. It's unamerican.
o o

Frank Denton said...

Pork chops are fine but they have to be done just right. Hmmm, I just realized that I like pork and lamb better than I do beef. The beef growers of America will be after me.

Brian Drake said...

Hi, James. Come on over and see my list! I couldn't resist after reading yours. --Brian