Tuesday, November 09, 2004

More Running Around

Yesterday I sat around and worked on outlines for series Westerns I'll be writing in the coming months. Today was what we laughingly refer to as "a day off", which means we went to the library, a bunch of stores, and finished things off by buying groceries. Along the way, though, we worked on the plot for a mystery novel proposal that Livia is putting together. An awful lot of our books have been plotted that way, in the car while we're running around taking care of errands.

I also picked up a couple of DVDs of old Superman cartoons made in the Forties by Max Fleischer. Bill Crider talked about these on his blog a while back. I haven't seen any of these cartoons in years, but they have a good reputation among fans and I plan to watch at least one episode tonight.

I went through that Silverberg anthology and read all the story introductions. That may not be the best way to approach an anthology, but that's usually what I do. In this case, the intros form a sort of literary autobiography, although an incomplete one since they concentrate on Silverberg's SF and barely mention his work in other fields. (There's no mention at all of his Westerns.) Interesting stuff, though. I really don't have time to read the stories, since I've got to get back to reading books for the Spur Awards, but I'll probably dip into it again a few times before I have to give it back to Shayna.

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Unknown said...

That's the way I read anthologies, too. Sometimes I never get around to reading the stories, but I love the introductions. I really want to get my hands on that Silverberg book, but it's very pricey, and the library doesn't have it yet.