Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dollar Tree DVDs

Since I had to be out in the blasted rain today anyway, I stopped by Dollar Tree and pawed through their DVDs. The last time I was there they were about to restock but hadn't done it yet, so I thought there was a good chance I'd find some new stuff. Sure enough I came home with six more DVDs: two discs of Flash Gordon episodes and discs of The Lone Ranger, Jim Bowie, and the Cisco Kid, plus a Western compilation disc with one episode each of Bat Masterson, Annie Oakley, and the Cisco Kid. Cisco occupies a special place in my heart, because when we got our first color TV in 1966 (as I've mentioned before), the very first thing I watched on it was an old rerun of The Cisco Kid. I've never forgotten the excitement of seeing color TV in my own living room. (And if you think that as a kid I was probably a little too wrapped up in TV, you're right. But hey, I read comic books, too . . . !)

Anyway, I think that tonight I'll watch one of the Flash Gordon episodes. Flash was played on TV by Steve Holland, who is perhaps best known as the model for the Doc Savage covers that James Bama painted for the Bantam reprints. However, he was a cover model for lots of paperbacks, including some of the Louis L'Amour novels and the Nevada Jim series. I associate Holland almost as much with Western paperbacks as I do with Doc Savage.


Unknown said...

I watched one of the Flash Gordon episodes not long ago. Wow. It was really bad.

Cap'n Bob said...

While you were pawing through the Dollar Tree DVDs down there, I was doing likewise up here. I passed on the Flash Gordon but bought the trio of Westerns DVD (Death Valley Days, Fury, Jim Bowie), a Third Man with Michael Rennie, and the one with a trio of detective shows (Dick Tracy, Dragnet, and Mark Saber). I've never seen a Sabre that I can recall, so that should be a revelation.
What I almost bought but didn't was an Ozzie and Harriet DVD. I know I watched that faithfully as a kid but I fear it won't hold up. Also, I didn't have much dough on me and had to buy a couple of items for dinner on the way home. Maybe I'll grab it next time, if it's still there.

Anonymous said...

I went to the mall dollar tree and found 2hors of popeye.....I also say many other things including dragnet and they are all in envelopes or thin plastic boxing.