Sunday, March 31, 2024

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Five-Novels Monthly, May 1935

Hey, lady, look out for that skull with the glowing eyes! I don't know who painted this cover, but it sure caught my eye when I was scrolling through the Fictionmags Index. FIVE-NOVELS MONTHLY didn't actually publish five novels in each issue; the stories are all novellas or novelettes in a variety of genres. But plenty of good authors and fine fiction appeared in its pages. In this issue there are stories by one of my favorite authors, L.P. Holmes, along with John Murray Reynolds (who wrote the first Ki-Gor novel), L. Ron Hubbard, Reg Dinsmore (don't know him), and Edmond Du Perrier (not familiar with him, either). Hubbard was a regular in this pulp and I don't believe much has been reprinted from it except for his stories. I'll bet there are plenty of good ones there that would be worth reading.


Paul S Herman said...

Looks like another John Drew cover. Telltale sign is by the woman's lips. He did some very nice covers for pulps ( Black Mask in the mid 30's among them ), but I don't really care for the Weird Menace images he did.

James Reasoner said...

Thanks, Paul. I remember seeing some John Drew covers that I liked. I don't know his work well enough to identify it, though.