Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Blue Book, March 1939

This issue of BLUE BOOK is from my favorite era for that magazine, the Thirties, especially the second half of the Thirties. The usual great cover by Herbert Morton Stoops, and a line-up of authors that's hard to beat: H. Bedford-Jones (twice, once with his imaginary collaborator, Captain L.B. Williams), Max Brand, Will Jenkins (better known by his pseudonym Murray Leinster), Robert Mill, Fulton Grant, William Byron Mowery, and Captain Dingle, all BLUE BOOK stalwarts during this period. It's the closest thing to a cross between a pulp and a slick.

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Ed Hulse said...

Coincidentally, I just received another copy of this after purchasing it on eBay a couple weeks ago. In a moment of pressing financial need I reluctantly sold my '30s run of BLUE BOOK some years ago and have been rebuilding it for the last two years. This time I'm extending the '30s to mid-1941, to include the last pulp-size issues with the silver covers. About 70 percent complete now. Like you, I especially like the issues from the decade's second half.