Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: West, October 1945

Another good cover by Sam Cherry starts off this issue of the long-running Western pulp WEST, which started out at Doubleday but by this time was part of the Thrilling Group. The lead story is "The California Ranger" by A. Leslie, who was really A. Leslie Scott, who wrote about Texas Rangers and Arizona Rangers, so why not California Rangers, too? Also in this issue is one of the late Zorro stories by Johnston McCulley, plus stories by Harold Cruickshank, Cliff Walters, and Tom Parsons, a Thrilling Group house-name.

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Erwin-K said...

I've often wondered why the late Thrilling mags would not use the masked name of their characters in the cover blurbs. The Black Bat stories were described as "Tony Quinn" adventures. Here, if Zorro were not in the title, we would have a "Diego Vega" story.