Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Modern Adventuress, July 1937

The things you run across while browsing through the Fictionmags Index. I never heard of the pulp MODERN ADVENTURESS, and I'm not too surprised since Robert Leslie Bellem is the only author in this issue I've heard of . . . but that's not a bad cover, and Bellem is always worth reading, and some of the other stories could be good, you never know . . . so if I ever ran across this issue of MODERN ADVENTURESS, I might just read it.


Todd Mason said...

Not a cheap magazine for the time, either. Was in 8.5 x 11" format? Shall Go Look.

When Doris Baumgardt, aka Leslie Perri, was putting together MOVIE LOVE STORIES for the Albings on a budget of $5 and all the chewing gum she could want within reason, I wonder if this was the kind of magazine she might've preferred to do. (She and Donald Wollheim were working for the Albings and their short-lived line of pulps, while both being in the Futurians fan group in New York...Baumgardt published a few sf stories over the decades, and was married to Frederik Pohl, then rather more durably to Richard Wilson.)

Jess Nevins said...

MODERN ADVENTURESS and SCARLET ADVENTURESS have some fun stories in them.