Thursday, March 02, 2017

Posse From Stud Horse - David Hardy

Constable Alex McBride of the British Columbia Police, who brought law and order to the mining boomtown of Stud Horse in the first installment of this series, is back in POSSE FROM STUD HORSE, the latest story from David Hardy. McBride is on the trail of a horse thief and murderer, and this time he's accompanied by a posse of citizens from the boomtown as the pursuit leads toward the American border. The question is, by the time McBride catches up to the fugitive, will his companions prove to be a help or a deadly hindrance?

As always, Hardy's story is fast-moving and has plenty of action, and there are also some very nice passages showing the influence of Robert E. Howard on the author's work. These stories are top-notch historical adventure fiction.

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