Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Now Available: In the Court of the Duke - David Hardy

Duke Kingsford had spread his reign of lawlessness and terror all over the South Texas brush country and teamed up with ruthless bandidos to defy the authorities in both Texas and Mexico. It was up to Captain Stuart and his small group of Rangers to stop the boss outlaw before he cut a swath of blood and death across the range!

Acclaimed author David Hardy spins another compelling yarn of frontier justice based on historical events, full of action and the smell of gunsmoke and trail dust!


Charles Gramlich said...

Love the description. I'll check it out.

Sean McLachlan said...

Great old-fashioned cover by Livia Reasoner! Does she take clients outside Rough Edges Press?

James Reasoner said...

Livia does all the covers for the handful of imprints she publishes, so she doesn't really have time to take on any outside jobs, but she has talked about maybe doing that in the future. Have to wait and see.