Saturday, May 14, 2005

New Arrival

One of the things about living out in the country is that people tend to dump unwanted animals on the road next to our property. That's how we've acquired quite a few of our pets over the years. It hasn't happened in a while -- until today. This afternoon we discovered a puppy living under one of our cars. He seems to be mostly chow and is very friendly and cute. A couple of our other dogs didn't care much for the idea of adopting him, but they seem to be adjusting to each other fairly well. There's been a lot of growling, but not much real snapping.

With that as a distraction, I wrote only 14 pages today, but that's not too bad. The book seems to be rolling along at a good clip now, and I'm starting to be able to see how the rest of it will play out. It's going to be a little late, because it's due on May 20 and there's still just too much to do in order to finish it by then, but I think I'll have it in the editor's hands by the end of the month, so I hope that won't cause a problem.

I'm still reading Cussler's PACIFIC VORTEX.

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