Monday, April 18, 2005

Graveyard Shift

A while back I agreed to let a young filmmaker, Patrick Wager, produce a short film based on my story "Graveyard Shift", which first appeared in MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE many years ago and has since been reprinted in several anthologies. Patrick informs me that the film is finished and has been entered in the Amazon.Com/Tribeca Film Festival. It can be seen on-line at . I haven't watched it yet myself, but I'm looking forward to it.


Juri said...

Congrats on your screen debut! I didn't watch the film yet, because they requested a password, but it's great nevertheless!

Unknown said...

There's a catch. You can't select the film you watch. You have to watch whatever they show. You can skip that one and move to the next one, but it might require a lot of patience to find the one you want to see.

Graham Powell said...

I think I remember this one. Convenience store clerk? I liked "Death and the Dancing Shadows" better.

I understand you wrote a few "Cody" short stories. Any chance of those resurfacing? Maybe post one on your blog? (Would it help if I said please?)

James Reasoner said...


That's the story, all right. And I like "Death and the Dancing Shadows" better, too.

There are five or six Cody stories. There's been some talk with a publisher about doing a Cody collection one of these days (probably with the Markham stories included to make the book long enough) and if that ever comes about, I'm thinking that I'd like to try to write a new Cody story to go in it, too. But when or if, who knows?